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Kingbank Ram Memory DDR4 8GB 3200MHz 1.2V 288Pin Desktop Udimm Memoria Ram DDR4 Suitable for Intel Platform Desktop Computer Use


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  • KingBank DDR4 3200MHz 8GB Desktop Memory uses high-quality chips and the delicate manufacturing grants it high reliability.
  • It is widely compatible with Generation 10/11/12 CPUs of Intel platforms.
  • Running at a voltage of 1.2V up to 3200MHz, it features excellent performance to boost up your daily work and entertainment.
  • Check before purchase if your motherboard and CPU support the memory frequency of 3200MHz. If not, the memory module will only run at the default frequency of your motherboard or CPU.


  1. This product is suitable for desktop computers and not for laptops.
  2. It cannot fully adapt to the AMD platform.
  3. There would be black or green PCB boards of our memory modules due to the different colors of raw materials adopted to patches of production. Products are of random delivery. Apart from color differences on PCB boards, all other specifications and performance stated on the memory modules of the same models feature exactly the same.





Compatibility: Take note of the notch displays on DDR3 and DDR4 RAMs. Higher frequencies of DDR4 memory modules are downward compatible, which means, for example, DDR4-2400 modules support 2133MHz and DDR4-2666 support 2400MHz.


Specifications: Please check the configurations of your desktop computer or laptop, and see if it has extra memory slots (since some laptops have only one memory slot), and if there is a maximum memory RAM limit (since some computers support only up to 8GB). Consult your device manufacturer or check online before purchasing.


Accessories: This product contains only the memory stick. Screwdrivers and other tool kits are not included. Try to push the product from the back of the plastic support a bit for easier unboxing. Please turn to professionals if device disassembly is needed.


Installation: For memory modules larger than 4GB, please install them on a 64-bit operating system. For computers with a fast booting function, it is normal to reboot it with failure right after installation. Try to switch slots to install the memory sticks and reboot your computer 1~2 more times.


Warranty: Since our products have all undergone burn-in tests before they leave the factory, every one of them may be spotted some fine marks, but neither performance nor after-sales services will be affected. Please do not peel off the sticker on the product, which may void the warranty.


Additional information

Memory Capacity

8GB 3200MHz Intel PC



Cooling Fin


Memory Voltage




Interface Type


Memory Frequency

3200 MHz









Brand Name



Mainland China


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